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>> reporter: police say hernandez bought the weapon illegally on the streets for self-defense. neighbors say he had taken on a role recently as a quazi security guard after a string of car break-ins. due to low staffing levels, san jose police rarely respond or actively investigate burglaries. >> there is no security. there is no safety. >> reporter: neighbors say hernandez may have acted out of frustration. >> because people have stolen cars and personal valuables, things that are very vulnerable. and i think that the managers are lazy and cheap to not pay a security guard to actually watch over the place. >> reporter: a lot of people at the complex say people have been frustrated by the lack of police activity when they do report their car burglaries. police say to make a report so they can make a case against burglars so they can prosecute them. mr. hernandez will be in court tomorrow morning to face murder
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charges. live in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. oakland police got more than they bargained for on new year's eve when they sent a team out to track down celebratory gunfire. the department's shotspotter technology led them to a home on 84th avenue just seconds after a gun battle erupted outside. it was so accurate, it led officers straight to the shell casings. >> so without this, some great luck and nighttime, i'm not sure if officers would have been able to find the shell casings there. we would not have found that physical evidence. >> two suspects were arrested a short time later after ramming a pursuing police cruiser. officers also recovered a 100- round assault rifle. the men had tossed it out of their car. the other shooter got away. tonight police are looking for five men who stormed into a san francisco home, they dragged eight people out of bed holding them at gunpoint at the
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living room at the outer richmond district house overnight. police say the men stole cash, electronics and luggage. it's unclear why that house was targeted. no one was hurt. a key player in the giants world series has a brush with the law. sergio romo was arrested at mccarren airport in las vegas after becoming belligerent with a security officer. he was asked to show proper id when he went through security. he didn't have one and apparently became agitated. police say when they got there, romo had taken on an aggressive stance with his fists clenched. he was then cited for violating airport rules and not allowed to fly. san francisco 49ers place kicker david akers says he has been getting death threats on twitter. acres says the threats were posted last week. he reported them to the team. and nfl security personnel. he is in a slump making 29 of
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42 field goal attempts. we are learning more about the murder of a silicon valley millionaire at his monte sereno mansion. thousands of pages of court documents detail some of what went on that night. but as cbs 5 reporter mark sayre tells us they also reveal a lot about the victim and his past. reporter: 21-year-old deangelo austin appeared in santa clara county superior court this afternoon the fourth and final suspect to be arraigned in this case so far. austin along with javier garcia and lucas anderson are all charged with six felonies including murder and robbery in the death of ravi kumra. while no decision is made about the death penalty, the circumstances of the crime would allow for that option. the world series hasn't ended yet but let's say we are doing other plans as well that will on plement what i hope is the
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allegations of troubled business dealings and personal indiscretions. the former ceo of kumra's tesla venture capital firm alleges that his divorce was a sham intended only to protect his assets and in a scathing letter written just before he was going to be fired, one man writes ravi has never treated anyone fairly in his life except for his whores. this is the reason that no one in his family will have anything to do with him." a legal analyst says he does expect prosecutors will put pressure on one or all of the defendants to talk. >> what happened in that house may not be known. they may know who was in there, but they don't know who did what. and clearly, you have a death here, a serious injury to another victim. so the prosecutors want to make sure they get the person who actually inflicted the deadly blow here. >> reporter: we're also learning more about the fourth person charged in the case, that is 22-year-old raven dixon of alameda. she has been charged with accessory to murder. prosecutors in court documents say she harbored at least one possibly more of the three male
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suspects involved in the murder. at this point, though, we still don't know the specifically relationship between the four. reporting live from downtown san jose, i'm mark sayre, cbs 5. now to national news. despite an abysmal approval rating, nearly 100 new members were sworn into the 113th congress today but behind the pomp and circumstance, cbs reporter danielle nottingham tells us these lawmakers face the same budget problems that caused gridlock with the last congress. reporter: congressional freshman's office are bare. >> so far, there's not a lot here. >> reporter: the newly elected michigan democrat is still trying to feel his way around the new job. >> today we -- i had to have somebody take me to show me where the cafeteria was to get some coffee. it's a little odd boeing a 54- year-old freshman. >> reporter: there are nearly 100 new members in fact 113th congress with a record number
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of minorities and women taking the oath including arizona congresswoman. >> it's an incredible honor to be part of the most diverse congress in our country's history. i looked around this morning and thought, this room looks like america. >> reporter: the new congress faces the same budget challenges that produced a stalemate in the last congress. in just the first few months, lawmakers face a looming government shutdown and battle over the debt ceiling and automatic spending cuts. former republican congressman jim nussle says this new crop has a tough job. >> what just happened with the debt and the deficit and the taxes, that doesn't go away. >> reporter: democrats still control the senate. and republicans the house with the same leaders returning. >> we're sent here not to be something but to do something. [ applause ] >> reporter: kildee says he's up for the job. >> while it's daunting, this is what i'm ready for. i'm here to work. >> reporter: his first major vote will be friday when the house takes up part of the
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superstorm sandy relief package. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. and hillary clinton plans to return to work next week to finish out her term as secretary of state. she was released yesterday from a new york hospital where she was being treated for a blood clot. it was the latest in a string of medical problems that sidelined the nation's top diplomat for nearly a month. her doctors expect her to make a full recovery. big changes are coming to san francisco's waterfront ahead of this summer's america's cup races. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman is at the waterfront to tell us about the green makeover. mike. >> reporter: liz, first of all, just look at this view. this is like the nicest view in the world. i guess you could argue about that. but this whole neighborhood is going to change. it's been improving for the last several years and it's rocking and will get a lot better. reporter: fred's java house is a fixture along san
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francisco's waterfront long before his uncle was being arrested for union activities during the heyday of the longshoremen and warehouse men after world war ii. when a longshoreman's breakfast a burger and beer cost two bucks. >> my father had 10 brothers and all of them were policemen and firemen and they worked in the warehouses down here. >> reporter: likely unimaginable from the way it's going to get in the next couple of years. the latest project the makeover of jefferson street and fisherman's wharf, $5.5 million project to wind the sidewalks and add greenery. it started this week. >> we will play here in 2017. take that as a promise. >> reporter: the golden state warriors plan a $100 million arena along the embarcadero. they talk of new hotels, new restaurants. the place isn't too shabby now. it's going to get even glitzier. >> i think that this is kind of the last frontier if you will for change in the city. >> reporter: the america's cup races this year will leave a new ferry terminal for the city when it's over. change has come to this area
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already and it's not done yet. both figuratively and literally down the road. >> i think . they need to come up with a better idea for the people who are driving through the neighborhood. >> reporter: drivers wonder what happens when both the arena and ballpark draw full houses half a mile apart? among other complaints. what do you think your uncle would think about the change. >> my uncles would all complain, but they were old school guys. >> reporter: would they be complaining about it? >> only if the beer cost more than 50 cents. [ laughter ] >> reporter: i think at the warriors game it will cost about 10 bucks. these changes are expected over the next several years -- the arena at least will be done in 2017. in san francisco, mike sugerman, cbs 5. the america's cup races don't start for months but it seems there's already some piracy going on. a jury found oracle team usa guilty of spying on the rival italian team by coming too
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close to their boat during a training session. as punishment, the team must give up five days of training time and pay a $15,000 fine. it also had to return its photos of the italian boat. still ahead, a wild night at a tahoe music festival takes a serious turn when a bay area teen goes missing. the new clues about where and when she was last seen. >> plus another step towards normalcy. the efforts made to ease sandy hook elementary school students into their first day back to school. from the cbs 5 weather center, good evening, everybody. we go from freezing cold temperatures to the return of rain. when you should need that umbrella again. the pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues. ,, well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse.
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we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only $29 a month for six months. rethink possible. but to barrel through this waterfall... after a water main busted early this morn drivers the in pittsburgh pennsylvania had no choice but to barrel through this waterfall after a water main busted early this morning. the broken main crumbled a section of the road creating
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the traffic mess. crews were finally able to pump out enough of the water to start working on the break a few hours later. a ruling in the federal trade commission's antitrust case with google. the ftc found evidence of search engine manipulation but overall, it didn't find that google violated antitrust or anticompetition statutes in a way that it structures its web search application. the company was ordered to let website was draw their content from displaying on google sites. automakers are celebrating a five-year best. general motors, ford, toyota and chrysler, the top 4, closed out the best year in sales since before the recession. initial results so the industry is on track for 14.5 million dollars sales in 2012. strong prices for used cars are helping as current car owners can get more when they trade in a car. a wild night out takes a
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serious turn when a teen disappears. new details about where and friends last saw the 19-year- old. a rogue river otter made his way to san francisco. the rare sighting and the reason experts say this is the perfect place for him. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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in lake tahoe. cbs-5 reporter anne makovec s are now going door tonight the search intensifies for a petaluma teen who vanished after a new year's eve concert in lake tahoe. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec tells us investigators are now
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going door to door at the horizon casino resort in state line, nevada, searching for any signs of 19-year-old alyssa byrne. >> reporter: kim byrne last saw her 19-year-old daughter on saturday when she left their petaluma home with three friends headed for a weekend in south lake tahoe. alyssa texted her parents every day of the trip until she went missing on new year's eve. >> i know that this is very much unlike her to not call or text somebody to let them know that she's okay. >> reporter: alyssa and her friends had gone to a party as that night called snow globe. this is video another person posted on youtube. alyssa took a shuttle from the party to the hotel the horizon on new year's eve. the last her friends heard from her was at about 8:00 that night. >> i'm hoping maybe she is just out there being a typical teenager and just having a great time and letting time
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slip away from her. >> reporter: alyssa works at cattle man's restaurant in petaluma as a hostess. she is also taking classes at the local junior college to be a firefighter paramedic. she was last seen at a bar at the horizon hotel around 1 a.m. new year's day wearing all black with a ponytail in her hair. she is 5'3", 125 pounds. surveillance footage is grainy and doesn't cover the teen hotel. her friends have set up a facebook page hoping for clues. her father is in tahoe working with police to find her. >> if anyone knows anything about her, if they could please call, that's -- we just want to get her home. i want today to be the day that she comes home. >> reporter: in petaluma, anne makovec, cbs 5. rape and murder charges have been filed against the man accused of gang raping a 23- year-old indian woman in new delhi. a group of lawyers carried signs and called for justice for women outside the new delhi
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court where the five men were charged today. prosecutors plan to push for the death penalty. the government is now setting up new courts to deal with sexual assault cases quickly. >> it is incumbent upon all of us, the government, the authorities, the governor, or anybody else, to try and prevent a rape. >> since the attack, rapes often ignored in india have become front page news and politicians are calling for tougher laws. activists say the tragedy could mark a turning point for women's rights. it's been less than three weeks since they lost 26 of their classmates and teachers but today, sandy hook elementary school students went back to school. >> and the cbs reporter randall pinkston on the first steps on the long road back to normal. reporter: police say the first day of school went smoothly for students at the new sandy hook elementary. three weeks after 20 students and six adults were killed, classes resumed inside a renovated building renamed
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sandy hook in the nearby town of monroe. >> watching them get off the bus most of the kids were excited to see friends they haven't seen in a while. they were anxious to get in and meet up with the other kids. the teachers had the same response. they were excited to see the students. >> reporter: handwritten signs with messages greeted the students. their desks, backpacks and other belongings were moved from the old building. security is beefed up. and reporters were kept at a distance. police want the students to feel safe. >> we don't want them to think this is a police state. we want them to know that this is a school first. and that is the place to come to enjoy friends, learn and grow up. >> reporter: it was almost full attendance on the first day of new sandy hook school. while children attended classes, some parents attended an assembly where school board members answered questions. >> i think we are going to ease back into it. >> reporter: getting back to a familiar setting will help the
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school heal. >> it's definitely a new beginning for sandy hook. we won't be able to forget. >> reporter: parents say school workers and volunteers did a great job of making the new sandy hook feel like home. randall pinkston, cbs news, monroe, connecticut. from the cbs 5 weather center, good evening, everybody. just how low did it go last night? we woke up this morning with a lot of frost widespread and tried 26 degrees on for size in sonoma. it was 27 degrees in livermore and also in santa rosa. 33 in san jose. right there as you take a sneak peek out towards mount diablo. the entire tri-valley had temperatures below freezing. livermore is at 50 degrees. numbers today close to seasonal highs. tonight still below freezing in santa rosa. it will be freezing in livermore,pleasanton, also
5:20 pm
backing all the way through danville. 38 degrees a little more comfortable in san jose through willow glen. and you will notice 40s will be common across the central bay. partly cloudy skies overnight. still chilly 38 to 44 degrees from san jose to san francisco. we'll have the clouds for openers tomorrow then we end up with bright sunshine, still for the most part under 60 degrees. it's live official sundown was as 5:04 so seeing a glimpse of blue skies out there. tonight the coldest spots will be inland. we do have a big-time change -- i bow my head down on this one. i was saying the rain wasn't coming until january 9. computer models now say this very weak disturbance out over the open waters is going to be bringing us some rain showers. it's going to break in half that area of high pressure, clouds will begin to spill in by late on friday. and according to our futurecast, watch this. the rain begins in earnest by the early afternoon hours in the north bay. gradually sliding across the
5:21 pm
entire area by saturday evening. then another round on sunday. so we could see anywhere from a quarter to easily .75" of rain by monday morning. so tomorrow a dry day into the 50s. don't give me that look, brian. okay. 50s across the board tomorrow to 60 in oakland. here's your extended forecast. okay, your extended modified forecast. [ laughter ] >> we do have 50s every, single day with clouds thickening up on saturday bringing us rain showers on-again, off-again through sunday. cloud cover remains monday. once we enter that pattern, january 9 i'm still sticking with that a chance of rain and january 11 rain likely here in the bay area but it's a modification. and we caught it, too, just in time to let you know for the weekend. >> plenty of notice. >> thank you. and that's actually happened to me, believe it or not. thanks. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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francisco mammal. cbs-5 reporter cate cauguir says a new river otter you don't have to go to the zoo to get up close and personal for a new sleek san francisco mammal. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran says a new river otter in town has a mind of his own.
5:24 pm
reporter: >> it's got such a little face. who knew? and i suppose i'm an animal person but all i ever see are domestic animals, cats and dogs. so it's wonderful to see something that's different and very beautiful. >> reporter: they call him sutro sam. the rogue river otter made his way to sea. >> i thought it was just here all the time. so i was like that cool but we saw all these people with cameras and we figured it was some sort of phenomenon. >> reporter: dna tests are being done to see if sam swam from marin county. they don't know how he got here. >> he looks safe and happy. looks like it's checking everybody out. >> reporter: researchers at the river otter ecological project say sam is the first otter recorded in decades here in san francisco. the group tracks river otter sightings here in the bay area. >> i have seen him in october 1st was the first time i noticed him and -- well, there's plenty of fish. i have seen him catch a lot of
5:25 pm
fish every day since he's been here. i guess that's why he is sticking around. >> reporter: researchers are keeping a close eye on sutro sam. he may be nice to look a.m. but keep your hands to yourself. >> don't approach him. just keep your distance. don't feed him. don't let your dog swim with him. just leave him alone and enjoy him from a distance. >> reporter: the one thing i was told is that river otters are typically pretty shy. the animals tend to keep their distance. from what we've seen, this river otter is a bit of a ham. in san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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a bay area nightclub, closer good. new at six, see business is only as good as its reputation. i don't think you can have a worse reputation than us. >> a bay area nightclub closed for good. new at 6:00, see how the owner blames the city for its fate in a backhanded video posted on youtube. plus, tired of tuition going up all the time? why some california students might be able to pay a flat rate for a college degree at a fraction of the current cost. that and more at 6:00. that's it for now. we appreciate your watching. "cbs evening news" is next. the latest news and weather are always on for now, along with brian and roberta gonzales, i'm elizabeth cook. see you at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: tonight, newtown begins anew. jim axelrod reports on the first day of school for students returning after the tragedy. >> seeing the resiliency of the kids, that just does wonders for you. >> pelley: today's new u.s. senate sets a record for women and turns out to witness a courageous climb back to the capitol. nancy cordes is there. and combat surgeon lee warren was sure that his skill couldn't save one wounded soldier, and then he saw david martin talking to a miracle. >> the power of the human spirit and the indomitable faith can do a lot, sometimes more than i can with my two hands. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: for three weeks, everyone in newtown, connecticut, has longed to return to normal.

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